5 things we hate about the dreaded closed season

It’s the one time of the year that enthusiasts dread - the closed season. The only thing that gets us through is the promise of a new season starting in the spring. Why must we suffer through the winter months? There are so many things we hate about the closed season!

1. Serious Coaster Withdrawal Symptoms


Obviously number one on the list is that we can’t just jump on the nearest coaster whenever we feel the need. It’s safe to say we all suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms during the winter months - it’s just too long to go without getting a much needed coaster fix. We’ll have to make do with a couple of rides at Winter Wonderland if we’re lucky!

2. European Christmas Events

As Christmas approaches, we start to get very jealous of all the amazing Christmas events happening in parks across Europe. Why don’t the UK parks jump on that bandwagon?! We’d love to get in a load of dark rides and experience some Christmas theme park magic here in the UK. But unless we’re lucky enough to have a ticket to these parks over the winter season there’s not much chance of that.

3. No Park Updates


What’s going on inside the parks over the winter months? We have no idea! With the closed season comes a serious lack of updates because no one can get into the parks to check on progress. What are we meant to do without park updates to look forward to?

4. Less Content


For most channels, no coasters means no content. So not only are we unable to ride any coasters, we can’t even watch our favourite YouTubers ride them either. I guess we will have to start rewatching old videos, sigh. Luckily for Coaster Bot fans we try to upload more over the winter months - we’ve got your backs guys.

5. Saying Final Goodbyes


The end of the season can often mean having to say final goodbyes to coasters as they close for good. It’s always emotional riding a coaster for the last time. This year we said goodbye to rides like Robin Hood and Firehawk, and now we will spend the winter months in mourning. RIP.

But it’s not all bad! Look out for parks that are open all year round and any special events going on during the winter months. If all else fails just start getting excited for the new season and all of the new projects opening next year. The dreaded closed season is worth suffering through when it means we can have an amazing season when the parks do open!

What do you hate? Let us know in the comments.

- Zoe