Winter Wonderland - Review 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to ride some coasters at Winter Wonderland! And that’s exactly what we did. It’d been two years since our last visit, so we couldn’t wait to get back on Olympia Looping and also splash out on a new credit, Wilde Maus XXL. Winter Wonderland is a great way to get some rides in over the closed season - just when we were starting to get serious coaster withdrawal symptoms! We loved the fact they had lots of different shows to see as well as the rides - and a new VR ride, Dr Archibald Master of Time, which looked amazing from the outside!


It was an extremely cold day in London, but we didn’t let that stop us from soaking up the festive atmosphere. It’s so great to just walk around and take in the lights, music and amazing food smells - it really gets you in the mood for Christmas! There’s so much delicious food for sale and so many little gift stalls - you could spend hours just eating, drinking and looking around. But we weren’t there for any of that, we were there for the coasters. Once the sun had set everything looked amazing and we got in some dark rides on the coasters.


First up was a new credit for us; Wilde Maus XXL. The actual ride itself was pretty good for a wild mouse, albeit a bit janky. It was surprisingly tall for a ride of its kind and because of that we got a great view of London from the top. But it was quite repetitive (as wild mice can be). By far the best thing about the ride was the queue line - there’s a large fun house section you walk through that’s part of the queue line, with rollers, spinning discs and even air jets in the floor. It was great fun to walk through and really got us in the mood for the ride. It cost us £7 each to ride, but with the fun house section we think it was worth the money!

Our second and final ride of the night (we didn’t want to fork out any more money!) was the ‘very famous’ Olympia Looping. Of course, it was just as good as we remembered. It looked stunning at night with all the lights on the loops and had such a presence in the area that you couldn’t help but stare at it. The loops were really forceful as you came out of them and the first drop was pretty great! It’s certainly a solid ride and the best ride at Winter Wonderland for sure. We’d love to get some more rides on it in the future!


We had a great time at Winter Wonderland this year. We loved getting back on Olympia Looping and getting a new credit on Wilde Maus XXL! It was the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and also sneak in a couple of rides during the closed season. If you have the chance it’s definitely worth a visit before it closes on the 6th January 2019!

You can find out more about our trip on the 11th episode of the podcast, or by watching our vlog from our time at the event!

- Zoe

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