New Year, New Coaster Bot?

Well it’s safe to say 2018 was one hell of a year for us. Myself (Zoe) and Harry managed to bag ourselves a new favourite ride each (Helix and Kärnan respectively), we ticked off some of our bucket list parks, went on unexpected coaster trips, hung out with the Americans on their tour and visited our favourite UK parks. Let’s not forget that we also saw the opening of two brand new rides this year; Icon and Wicker Man. It was very exciting to be able to ride them both so many times and it’s hard to imagine a time when they didn’t exist. What a season it was for us!

But - new year, new Coaster Bot? Well, some new stuff but mostly continuing with the old. We want to make 2019 Coaster Bot’s best year yet; not just in terms of the parks we visit, but also in terms of new types of content for the channel. Here’s some of what we have planned for the year…


Channel Content

In 2019 there will be MORE Coaster Bot videos! Yay! That’s what you signed up for and that’s what Harry will give you. There are plans for more unique one-off videos, a new season of vlogs which will be longer and better edited, regular Q&A videos, and of course the continuation of the current various Coaster Bot video series. Regular live streams (hopefully monthly) are also on the cards for 2019. There are also plans for some Coaster Bot meetups in several locations across the UK, probably at the three main parks (BPB, Towers and Thorpe). In 2019 we want to get out and meet as many of you as we can. Stay tuned for actual details throughout the year!

Coaster Bot Rambles Podcast

We aren’t making any dramatic changes to the pod, don’t worry! In 2019 we want to keep doing what we are doing, continue to improve the podcast and keep growing as podcasters. We have a list of potential (very exciting) guests lined up for the new year and we hope to get as many of them on as possible for a chat. If there’s someone you think we should have on, tweet us (and them) about it! We’re kicking the year off with an episode featuring Logan from Koaster Kids which we are very excited about. In 2019 we want to really make the pod something that you guys want to listen to so we are always open to suggestions. Just keep sending in your voice messages, tweets and reviews - oh, and keep listening!


Where are we all going in 2019?

Harry & Zoe

Let’s start off with the parks we are definitely (probably) going to visit in 2019. Thanks to your support in the Clamshell Awards again, last year Coaster Bot won best established channel and best blogger (crazy stuff!). Which means we’re going back to Liseberg and Phantasialand! Liseberg is the one I’m extremely happy about as my favourite ride (Helix) is located there - so thanks guys. We plan to visit Phantasialand for Wintertraum next Christmas time to ride Taron in the dark, which is very exciting. Who knows, we might also see the return of bongo boi. Maybe this time a winter/Christmas edition? We are also planning to visit Gröna Lund in Sweden this summer. It will be our first time at that park so that’s very exciting (expect a big vlog). Of course, we will also be visiting the bog standard UK parks like Towers, BPB and Thorpe, and Harry is also hoping to get to Legoland and Chessington this year as we didn’t visit them last year at all. Who knows where else we could end up - stay tuned for updates! You can find a list of all Harry’s future park visits in the ‘trips’ section of the website.


While it’s currently not confirmed I am in the process of planning an East Coast Trip of the United States. This will include parks like Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Six Flags over Georgia, and Dollywood. There should be a few new credits along the way, including everything at SFOG, and the new for 2019 Copperhead Strike! Hopefully I’ll also finally get the chance to ride Lightning Rod at Dollywood!


So far, 2019 looks like a year full of potential trips and visits but with almost everything still totally unofficial and unplanned! Of course there are the home park visits to the Efteling and Walibi Holland. It goes without saying that Untamed is on top of the bucket list for the year and I will try to make it to opening day and pay several visits during the summer.

My best friend and I make a yearly city trip during which we visit several parks along the way. This year’s hasn’t been planned yet, but we are looking for potentially a trip through Scandinavia or northern Germany (or both!). This could lead us to the likes of Hansa Park, Heide Park and Liseberg. I’m definitely hoping we can make this trip work!

A huge factor determining my theme park plans will be my university exchange destination. As I will only hear back from my application in February, I will only then know what the second half of 2019 is going to offer. I am hoping to be accepted into the University of Michigan, which has Cedar Point, Kings Island and Michigan’s Adventure all within a four hour drive!

All in all, 2019 is looking to be a very exciting year with hopefully many new credits lined up. No matter where the trip or exchange will take me, I am sure I will be able to make 2019 a successful year for this coaster nerd!

We hope everyone has made loads of coaster-related plans for 2019 - we’d love to hear them if you have! We can’t wait to start producing new and improved content for you all. Here’s to another year of Coaster Bot!

- Zoe