Photo Competition Results!

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After over 250 entries and close to 400 votes, it’s finally time to announce the winner of our first ever Photo Competition! You submitted a huge number of pictures and should all be proud of the photos you’ve taken. Thanks for being a part of the competition and there’s always another chance to win next year!

Without further ado, here’s the ranking of all 10 photos:

10th - GateKeeper by Tyler M.


Taking the number 10 spot was Tyler’s photo of GateKeeper at the entrance to Cedar Point. The iconic photo shows the graceful B&M wing coaster in flight!

9th - Fenix by Herman N.


In 9th place was Herman’s picture of his friend Tibor in front of Fenix at Toverland. The Dutch pair created a fantastic and unique photo!

8th - Wildfire by Alessio


Alessio gained 8th place with his fantastic picture of his favourite roller coaster, Wildfire. The image, taken at Kolmården, shows off just how awesome the ride is!

7th - Velociraptor by Jamie S.

image1 (2).jpg

Coming in 7th place was Jamie’s photo of Velociraptor, taken at IMG Worlds of Adventure. The long exposure creates an awesome effect as the train hurtles through the layout!

6th - Baron 1898 by Fons B.


Fon’s gained 6th place with his picture of Baron 1898 at the Efteling in the Netherlands. The wide shot of the ride really shows of its full beauty!

5th - The Incredible Hulk by Gabe P.

image1 (6).jpg

In 5th place was Gabe’s long exposure night shot of the Incredible Hulk at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The green lights and white streaks create an awesome image!

4th - blackpool pleasure beach by thomas c.


Thomas’ photo of Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the dark narrowly missed out on 3rd place. It’s a fantastic image showing the bright lights of the Big Dipper, the Big One and Infusion.

3rd - Wicker Man by Alex M.


Coming in 3rd place is Alex’s night time photo of Wicker Man during Alton Towers’ 2018 Scarefest event. Wicker Man is an awesome ride in the park and this photo definitely captures why!

2nd - Cedar Point by Marc G.


Missing out on first place by only a few votes was Marc’s brilliant panoramic photo of Cedar Point, taken during a Sunrise Thrill VIP Tour. The photo is truly incredible and shows the sheer size of the park!

1st - The Swarm by Becky

SWARM Long exposure.jpg

Finally, Becky becomes our winner with her fantastic long exposure night time shot of the Swarm at Thorpe Park! She’ll be claiming our prize of a free signed Coaster Bot A2 Poster! For more great theme park photos you should check out her blog page by clicking here!

Thank you all for taking part!

It’s been a great experience to see so many awesome pictures of theme parks and roller coasters around the world. Congratulations to all 10 finalists, and to Becky for winning the entire thing. Here’s to next years competition!

- Harry, Aron, Zoe and Andrew