5 Nerdy Things Theme Park Enthusiasts Do

There are so many nerdy things we do as enthusiasts. For this post we’ve narrowed it down to five of our most common nerdy behaviours. They’re habits to be celebrated as it’s these habits that made us theme park enthusiasts in the first place! Here are five nerdy things that we’re all guilty of doing...


Watch POVs of rides we'll be going on soon

It’s just got to be done! POVs are addictive and you soon find yourself watching the POV of every single coaster you hope to experience in the future. Even though it’s nothing compared to the actual ride, it still gives you a sense of what it will be like. Until you make it onto the real roller coaster, watching the POV over and over will just have to do.

Rank all the rides & coasters we’ve been on

Ranking rides is a common pastime among theme park enthusiasts. You might even find yourself ranking every single ride you’ve been on so you have a complete picture of your favourite and least favourite coasters in order. Once you start it’s hard to stop!


Watch multiple theme park vlogs to get a better feel for a new park and its layout

You’ve already studied the map, but watching vlogs is a much better way of getting to know a new park before you visit. You’ll need to know it inside out before you get there so you don’t waste any precious ride time getting your bearings. Some vlogs even feature shortcuts and park tips - they’re really useful!

Wear theme park merch - even when NOT at a theme park

There’s no shame in wearing your Nemesis t-shirt out and about - it’s a great shirt! Enthusiasts are often caught wearing theme park merch even when they aren’t visiting a park. Their wardrobes are full of merch so it would be a waste to only wear it whilst at a park!


Speculate about possible new rides

Even without any evidence of something new, it’s very hard not to speculate about possible new rides in different parks - especially our home parks. Sometimes it’s more exciting to speculate when there’s no evidence out there at all because that way the possibilities are endless! It’s always fun to try and guess what the parks will do next.

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any other nerdy theme park enthusiast habits!

- Harry and Zoe