Our Favourite Roller Coasters!


I thought we'd start The Coaster Bot Blog by letting everyone know more about ourselves. What better way to do that then for all four of us to talk about our favourite roller coasters. So find below a brief introduction to each of our favourite coasters from various parks around the world. Also, stay tuned for more blog posts in the future!



der schwur des kärnan, hansa park

"When I first started Coaster Bot and began researching rides around the world I stumbled across this coaster, Kärnan. It looked like an insane experience, and quickly became my top bucket list coaster. Recently I got the chance to ride and it truly didn't disappointed. Kärnan is a relentless roller coaster from start to finish. There's lots of airtime, snappy transitions, and an abundance of force - a lot more than I expected. To top it all off, the first drop is ridiculous. After falling over 61m (200ft) in the dark, you burst out of the tower building into the broad daylight, blinding you for several sections. This is met with 5g's of force on this section of track, adding to the intense nature. All in all, Kärnan is a fantastically themed, well rounded, and smooth roller coaster, featuring some of the best restraints I've ever experienced. Gerstlauer and Hansa Park have done themselves proud here, by creating one of Europe's best roller coasters."



Taron, Phantasialand

"Taron, for me, is a coaster that was designed almost perfectly: quick transitions, stunning Intamin launches and non-stop excitement until you hit the final break run. I have rarely been on a coaster that has a good first ride half and only gets better as you go. Taron pulls this off very well. The area of Klugheim, in my eyes, is one of the most impressive themed areas I have ever been to. Taron and Raik are integrated into the area amazingly well, strengthened by Phantasialand's attention to detail and very atmospheric soundtracks. It definitely justifies the time Phantasialand takes to construct their new areas of the park. However, because of little imperfections such as the trims, I don't think Taron is the best coaster in the world. For now it remains my number one though, and it will take a lot for another coaster to beat its beauty."



Wicker Man, Alton Towers

"Wicker Man is everything I think a ride should be; fast, fun and captivating. The theming creates such a unique and exciting atmosphere, the likes of which I haven’t experienced with any other coaster. Set up as a Pagan village and ritual, the whole area sends you back in time to a world where people fear and serve the ‘Wicker Man’ - a huge, fiery, wooden head statue which stands in the centre of the ride. From the weaving queue line which gives views of the ride from every angle, you move into the pre-show which sets the scene and builds suspense for the ride. All of these elements combine to create an atmosphere intense enough to make you actually believe you might be sacrificed to the flames. It’s this intense atmosphere which elevates the actual ride from great to insanely good, and makes Wicker Man one of the best ride experiences I’ve ever had. For a wooden coaster it packs a punch and is incredibly smooth considering it’s speed and crazy turns. It’s the ride that makes me scream with joy the most, it can be enjoyed by adults and children alike and it truly takes you to another world, which is why in my eyes it’s a strong number one."



steel vengeance, cedar point

"I have been an enthusiast for four years now and have had the opportunities to experience some of the best roller coasters in the world. However, if I had to choose one for my favourite, it would be Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point. Everything on this ride is designed to overwhelm riders with various combinations or forces with the only time for a breather being the midcourse brake run. The ride begins with massive airtime hills that provide sustained forces and two large inversions that provide a brief experience of zero gravity (and some laterals). The second half of the ride complements its beginning perfectly by providing a barrage of smaller elements that toss riders around all while weaving in and out of the immense structure. On top of being an excellent ride, Steel Vengeance is situated right alongside Lake Erie, providing a beautiful setting. All of these factors combined make Steel Vengeance my favourite coaster for the time being and many appear to agree with that sentiment."

Hopefully this gives you an insight as to the type of roller coasters we enjoy, and maybe even a glimpse into our personalities. Be sure to let us know your favourite roller coasters by commenting in the box below.

- Harry, Andrew, Zoe and Aron

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