we love to make videos with other content creators.

In the past we have collaborated with a variety of different channels, all with their own unique style and aims. some of them are featured below.

coaster studios

Coaster Studios is a u.S. based channel dedicated to creating daily content about all things roller coasters and theme parks.

collaborations with taylor of coaster studios began in january of 2016. Since then we have produced over 30 videos together and developed a strong friendship. 

we will always have exciting things planned for the future of both channels together.

after becoming a fan of the channel, robert of 5MMM has since been a welcome guest on the coaster lounge live streams.

united states


friend of the channel; Silvarret, has featured in several of our videos, and was a surprise guest on our live streams.

the netherlands

we met chad of ovc on his 2018 european coaster tour and he has since become a great friend of the channel.

united states


After featuring in a live stream we joined logan, good friend of the channel, on his theme park trip around europe.

united states

want to collaborate?

We are always looking for new and exciting content creators to collaborate with. Whether your content is theme park related or not we would love to hear from you!

let's get the ball rolling - pitch us your ideas...