4 Years of Coaster Bot + Impersonation Contest


Some of you may know that Coaster Bot recently turned 4 years old. How insane is that! It definitely doesn’t feel that long ago since we uploaded our first ever video, “What is: Nemesis”. To celebrate this fantastic milestone I wanted to do something a little different, a competition that’s a little outside the box

Sometimes when I meet someone who’s seen my videos they give me their best ‘what is’ impression. Aside from making me laugh, this has  recently given me an idea for a contest. People love to parody their favourite theme park YouTubers. Whether it’s imitating a classic catchphrase or tone of voice, we all enjoy impersonating our favourite YouTubers for a laugh. And since “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” I thought it could be fun to transform this into a competition to celebrate 4 years of Coaster Bot!

Who can impersonate their favourite theme park YouTubers the best? 

We want you to record yourself giving your best impression of a well-known theme park YouTuber, or several big theme park YouTubers, in a short concise video. You could recite their classic catchphrase, do an off-the-cuff impression of them or think of something more creative! You could even try to recreate their set, or act out part of one of their videos. BUT - remember that your entry should be a celebration of your favourite theme park YouTubers, not a mockery of  them. We will select the best three for you all to vote on, and the winner will receive some Coaster Bot goodies! 


To enter our contest you MUST do the following:

- Record your video.

Make sure your video is:
- Up to 60 seconds long
- Language appropriate for all ages
- A celebration not a mockery (only celebrations will be valid entries)

- Upload it to YouTube as public or unlisted.

- Send an email to CoasterBot0@gmail.com including: 

- The subject line “Impersonation Contest”
- Your name 
- A link to your video
- A list of the theme park YouTubers you’ve parodied

Entries must be sent in before 7th August 2019 at 11.59PM BST!

Once you’ve done all these things you will have officially entered the contest!

Best of luck and remember to get those creative juices flowing!

- Harry, Zoe, Andrew and Aron